I provide full production services, editing and mixing of all musical content, including song CDs and writing demos, video scores and film soundtracks. The key to success is staying in close touch with you throughout the project. I'm always available and ready to talk directly with you, and to work together with you to ensure that the vision you have for the music is fully achieved. I provide steady up-to-date mixes of all ongoing work, sent in MP3 format for your approval and feedback. Production instrumentation can range from full virtual-sound mixes on up to to all live-recorded musician productions, depending upon your requirements and the budget parameters you have. I start with a rough demo recording you provide of your song or piece, and as I build the arrangement, you'll be sent frequent mixes to hear and consider. When you're satisfied with the arrangement, all tracks will be uploaded onto my server separately, then you can download them and add them to your mix. If you prefer, I can deliver a mastered stereo mix, ready to lay vocals onto.

" This I Know "
by Rik Howard & Wendy Becker"
" When Dreams Are Done "
by Billy Pickering & Donny Howard
" Could It Be "
by Guillaume Charteglane
"Shining Star "
by JD Daniel
" This Must Be Love "
by Martha Davis & J D Daniel
" Back From Iraq "
by Jack Knight

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